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With a team of industry experts and passionate innovators, we are building engaging, high quality mobile games at lightning speed. We are leveraging breakthrough AI technology to revolutionize game development processes, enabling us to create novel, dynamic, and personalized gaming experiences like never before.

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Dream big

The opportunity for small dedicated teams to create the biggest hits has never been bigger. We believe the production and operating costs of games can be cut significantly and more creative visions can come to life.

Design smart

Our game development philosophy at Calumma is all about striking the perfect balance between innovation and familiarity for our players. We aim to evolve, transform and amaze every day!

Deliver fast

Great ideas need great execution. We believe that we can 10x the speed of new game development and seize more opportunities to create long term hits.


If you are someone who shares our commitment to pushing the boundaries of game development, and thrives in a dynamic and creative environment, we invite you to explore a career with us at Calumma. Check out our open positions on LinkedIn or just get in touch!

Our Location

We are based in Berlin - Germany's creative capital of games and innovation!